Why Work with Brooks Recruiting?


What Makes Us Unique?

We Live & Operate by the Golden Rule

  • We treat you as we want to be treated
  • We don’t sling resumes
  • We value your time & don’t waste it on unnecessary submissions or correspondence
  • We are prompt in our communication
  • We provide status updates

We are Search & Sourcing Experts

  • We are search experts, which goes way beyond performing a Boolean search
  • We start with our databases of lists, organization charts, & perform keyword research to your competitors you may not know exist
  • We narrow down the list, identify potential candidates with hand-crafted specific messaging & a sequence of touch points to elicit a response, moving the conversation from text to phone

We Know How to Differentiate Talent

  • We know the questions to ask to elicit the information you need to know in making your decision on a candidate
  • We have a specific line of questioning to identify candidate values and a methodology on determining direct vs. indirect communicators

We Understand the Employee Journey

  • We understand the Employee Journey & that every interaction with your prospective employee represents your company and their attitude toward your company
  • We are positive, direct, honest, timely, create a safe & trustworthy space with every interaction, so your company is positioned in the best light when being considered and not detracting from your organization

We Go Above & Beyond

  • We go above and beyond, eliminating future sticking points that reduce job tenure & optimal fit
  • Ensuring candidate commute’s aren’t excessive, leading to burn out
  • Determining their career goals and reverse-engineering their interim steps to make sure your job fits into their career progression
  • Asking a specific line of questions to determine their job priorities
  • Determining if their personality aligns with your culture and is indicative of someone you want representing your organization

Our Communication Style

  • Professional & Courteous
  • Honest & Direct
  • Prompt (24 x 7)
  • We provide status updates

Streamline the Process

  • We streamline the interviewing process and can be as involved or hands-off as you prefer
  • This includes scheduling interviews, Negotiating salary, Performing reference checks

Speed & Agility

  • We have the ability to work around the clock and on weekends
  • By interviewing candidates and performing reference checks before and after work hours, and on weekends, our clients hire candidates often lost to slow timing

Clients Engage Brooks Recruiting because:

In addition to being sourcing experts, we deliver.

We utilize a results-driven, contingency hiring model, so there’s no upfront risk for you to engage us.


(no hire, no fee + each hire comes with a guaranteed period)

When Companies / Our clients Engage us:


(to hand-select & source SMEs)

Need Hiring Help

  • They have trouble finding, qualifying, communicating and managing expectations, hiring the right people who perform and fit their culture, while retaining them
  • The amount of time it requires to go through hundreds to thousands of application and lack of success from hiring an experienced SMEs from a job postings is discouraging
  • Mis-hiring and mismanaging expectations leads to constant turnover
  • They can’t find SMEs or don’t know the skill sets they need (especially when it’s an emerging market)


  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Save time qualifying and screening candidates for Expertise and Culture fit
  • Time is better spent focusing on other goals or hiring reqs., need to delegate and lighten the load
  • Prefer a 3rd-party intermediate to save time facilitating interviews, qualifying compensation, performing references


  • You don’t want to directly solicit competitors and have your competitors find out
  • You don’t want the entire organization or public to know you’re hiring, especially when replacing a role

Job Market / Geographic Market Challenges

  • They keep losing job applicants to other companies because their too slow to hire (interview and hire relative), therefore they need to reach out to passively open SMEs
  • Their industry pays less than other industries for the same expertise
  • Other competitors or the biggest companies can pay and offer more
  • There’s very few experience SMEs and they need someone to find them and proactive reach out to them
  • Their geographic market moves too quickly and they keep missing out on hires.
  • Their competitors can offer a higher compensation

Professionalism & Employee Journey

  • To manage the prospective employee’s expectations, promptly communicate, and be a liaison
  • Employees based their expectations on working for a company based on their interactions in the hiring process.  We are quick communicators, who ask the right questions, manage timelines and expectations so the prospective employee has a positive employee journey before joining the company
  • We qualify compensation ahead of time, managing compensation expectations
  • We help negotiate compensation discussions, being a neutral third party so the client/employee relationship doesn’t become an adversarial one

Proactive Hiring

  • You want us to monitor the market and let you know when exact SME talent is available on the market
  • i.e. Sales Executives, Traders, Executives (CXO), IT Architects, DevOps, Developers